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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
903 27 months ago Overpowered Blasts (aka. Do Not Use Bullet Damage as DPS) open jesusalva  
906 27 months ago Unable to contact resolved Appoox  
839 29 months ago too-small resolution shown in menu resolved matthiaskrgr  
885 35 months ago missing gettext and configure resolved jesusalva fluzz
841 35 months ago Songs not canceling after exiting a menu resolved sydneyjd  
888 35 months ago End Game completion - everyone should know about your deeds resolved jesusalva jesusalva
866 41 months ago buffer overflow: redo/undo actions with chests filled with items open matthiaskrgr  
861 41 months ago set neighbor level to removed level; crash resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
819 42 months ago heap use after free resizing level resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
852 48 months ago Translation of "Click anywhere..." in dialogs resolved fluzz fluzz
848 50 months ago Quest log messages are saved translated. open fluzz  
792 52 months ago dialog: tania: problems when spencer is dead but tania should see him. open matthiaskrgr Xenux
834 54 months ago Cryo Facility Gate rejected digifuzzy  
807 54 months ago Deprecation warning from Doxygen rejected digifuzzy  
660 57 months ago ./configure --disable-vorbis without effect resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
813 59 months ago memory leaks while playing tutorial open matthiaskrgr  
610 59 months ago Getting both rewards from Duncan/Koan quest open Calangao Xenux
783 59 months ago tux footstep not played when tux starts walking open matthiaskrgr  
686 59 months ago editor: sanitize address crash copying/pasting objects and playing around with undo/redo functions rejected matthiaskrgr fluzz
684 61 months ago editor: sanitize address crash after saving map rejected matthiaskrgr  
744 68 months ago Incompatible save game traps user. resolved digifuzzy  
585 68 months ago bullets fly into opposite aiming direction resolved matthiaskrgr  
687 68 months ago ASAN: sanitize address crash if bot placed within wall and without near waypoint. open matthiaskrgr  
759 68 months ago ASAN heap-buffer-overflow when bot stuck in walls rejected matthiaskrgr  
716 68 months ago 1001 bugs resolved jesusalva matthiaskrgr
709 70 months ago Bot drops on never-visited levels drop to (0,0) resolved infrared jesusalva
665 70 months ago sanitize-addresses: crash with tux pathfinding resolved matthiaskrgr  
732 72 months ago post death game time speeding up a lot resolved matthiaskrgr greg
734 72 months ago validator: check for corrupted waypoint connections open matthiaskrgr  
728 73 months ago editor: items selected by clicking on neighbor square resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
725 73 months ago editor: map zoom wrong on random enemy screen resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
707 73 months ago asan crash if GetItemIndexByName fails? resolved matthiaskrgr salimiles
671 74 months ago -b leveltest finds errors which the building check DOES NOT open matthiaskrgr  
702 77 months ago label NOT triggered if walking on it directly, coming from neightbor level resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
693 77 months ago asan crash returning to main menu from editor playtest after tux died(?) open matthiaskrgr  
711 77 months ago 1x1 items only auto-sorted into quick-access list until slot 7 resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
633 78 months ago fix z-ordering for big obstacles open matthiaskrgr  
694 79 months ago ASAN crash while -b loadship rejected matthiaskrgr  
689 79 months ago ui: uprade item: if no money, print costs in red not in blue resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
691 79 months ago asan crash clicking on empty weapon orb resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
659 79 months ago equip_item() must not crash game if item type cannot be equipped. resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
504 79 months ago lvledit: Allow "Delete" key to actually delete items/obstacles/etc resolved salimiles Xenux
678 79 months ago equip_item("Standard Shield") fails if sledge hammer equipped. resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
681 80 months ago sanitize address crash in tutorial. open matthiaskrgr  
679 80 months ago editor: delete seleted obstacle pressing DELETE key rejected matthiaskrgr  
664 80 months ago sanitize-addresses: crash talking to same dialog twice: resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
666 80 months ago sanitize-addresses: crash calling craft_addons() and upgrade_items() from map label resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
669 84 months ago bots to choose different waypoint as target if current target is blocked open matthiaskrgr  
667 84 months ago Game crashes if SADD hacked before turning on guns resolved CCC  
658 85 months ago dialog: race condition / code not executed in written-down order? open matthiaskrgr  
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