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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
649 129 months ago Tania's Escape: Lua code issue rejected tomreyn  
650 129 months ago SADD: Lua code issue rejected tomreyn  
645 129 months ago short freeze walking over map label. open matthiaskrgr  
629 130 months ago some issue with animate blasts function open shirishag75 matthiaskrgr
626 131 months ago better timing for damage-dealing / attack animations open matthiaskrgr  
620 132 months ago chat window displayed if Everytime LuaCode runs shop open matthiaskrgr fluzz
601 136 months ago (optionally) unwalkable colrect for droid(corpses) open matthiaskrgr  
536 138 months ago items hidden pressing p to pause game open matthiaskrgr  
592 139 months ago rush_tux breaks partner_started() open matthiaskrgr  
587 139 months ago tux walks to item after shooting on it open matthiaskrgr  
531 144 months ago SIGSEGV while checking quest log... havn't been able to repeat. rejected zekthedeadcow zekthedeadcow
234 144 months ago lvledit: Map Label Text Input on Win32 open tracker_migration  
243 144 months ago lvledit: floor tile copied although not supposed to open tracker_migration  
224 144 months ago lvledit: grid offset by a few pixels open tracker_migration  
242 144 months ago lvledit: obstacles and floor pasted at bad position if both pasted at the same time open tracker_migration  
522 144 months ago saveing: broken savegame dumps thousands of lines of lua code into stdout open matthiaskrgr fluzz
207 144 months ago UPGRADE SCREEN: costs even if no changes in the end open tracker_migration hail
421 144 months ago mail notification: mail fails if only additional file attached as change. open matthiaskrgr  
453 144 months ago lvledit: unselectable obstacles (walls) open matthiaskrgr hakzsam
521 145 months ago argumets directly appended after -r[0-6] don't work rejected matthiaskrgr  
426 145 months ago hacked 302 not slowed down by hostile 249 rejected matthiaskrgr  
501 145 months ago tux flipper ovelays wrench in certain frame. open matthiaskrgr  
471 146 months ago bot corpses sometime covered by GROUND_LEVEL obstacles open matthiaskrgr  
215 148 months ago ANIMATION: laser sword turned 180° on running anim frame open tracker_migration  
412 148 months ago Enemy health bars change size rejected hail  
222 148 months ago CHAT: linebreak: txt option not completely shown sometimes open tracker_migration  
984 2 months ago Console text stops refreshing after playing nethack for 15 minutes postponed python  
989 8 months ago Hell Fortress: "I have some business on the other side" dialog should let tux through the gate when the disruptor shield is down. open python  
988 9 months ago two bots stuck in infinite loop when targeting one another, cannot move towards one another due to optimal path alternating open python  
987 9 months ago bot bullets stuck in mid air open python  
978 9 months ago lots of empty slots in shop lists in save game postponed shentino  
985 9 months ago See attached screenshot, Selections in net hack dialog ("Male" and "female") not disabled open python jesusalva
983 10 months ago Dialogs - tux can still ask spencer for more prep time before hell fortress entry after the update is already applied. open specing  
206 10 months ago GRAPHICS/INVENTORY: Fix size of Barfs energy drink open tracker_migration  
241 10 months ago 883 images are cut off open tracker_migration  
753 10 months ago Kevin is difficult to "catch" open mhwombat  
912 10 months ago Possibility of Invisibility/Emergency Shutdown chain for infinite time stacking open julie.chan  
847 10 months ago Bunk beds in city next to bounty hunters have a clipping problem open ahuillet fluzz
434 10 months ago tracker: "Show not Resolved" → "Show remaining" ? open matthiaskrgr  
908 10 months ago Hacking is not a viable gameplay method open jesusalva  
932 10 months ago Repairing items is too harsh open LotBlind  
944 10 months ago Hovering over hotbar should tell me what items I'm looking at open LotBlind  
946 10 months ago Don't respawn bots in KILL ALL type levels open LotBlind  
947 10 months ago Degradation is easy to miss open LotBlind  
972 10 months ago Add tooltips describing the stats in the character window open NetSysFire  
933 10 months ago Quest rewards are too small? open LotBlind  
981 10 months ago Fast ammo-using meele weaponry expends too much ammo. open specing  
957 50 months ago Layering issue at South Gate open asdfgh  
956 50 months ago Too easy to lock yourself out of Stone's questline open asdfgh  
940 51 months ago Why all the aggression? open LotBlind  
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