List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
829 40 months ago Spencer's face-to-face talk - game crash resolved zdenek  
828 41 months ago teleport - way back is broken rejected zdenek  
814 51 months ago editor: heap use after free cutting map label resolved matthiaskrgr greg
727 52 months ago asan crash: editor: add, move obstacle, press z (undo) twice resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
798 52 months ago editor: asan: removing level and undoing actions on it resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
797 54 months ago pathfinding crash when reducing size of town to 30x30 open matthiaskrgr  
762 56 months ago warn when saving obstacles with negative x/y index resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
640 56 months ago play_sound_cached() distorts sounds? resolved matthiaskrgr  
763 59 months ago ASAN: heap-use-after-free when item breaks down while fighting. resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
712 69 months ago NO_TEXT not present in lua dialogs resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
685 71 months ago sanitize address crash in tutorial resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
647 72 months ago game freezes after stepping over map label resolved matthiaskrgr  
441 72 months ago title: title: item upgrade ui: tux inventory is not displayed - resolved joseph catalinb
674 73 months ago some spells don't cause heat on tux. resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
648 79 months ago game crashed hovering tania? resolved matthiaskrgr  
638 79 months ago obstacle labels changed obstacles as obstacles were removed from map resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
625 79 months ago does not build with lua 5.2.1 resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
404 81 months ago Improve issue-updated mails resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
454 88 months ago SIGSEGV in access tunnel for shield control resolved nabla fluzz
597 88 months ago Consistent Crashing Bug at Disruptor Base resolved jesuslovesyou101  
580 89 months ago Crash when Ewald's 296 bot teleports back to town resolved alexandros ahuillet
590 89 months ago hurt_tux via map labels crashes game resolved matthiaskrgr joseph
534 94 months ago dialog options not spread over entire option box sometimes. resolved matthiaskrgr joseph
516 94 months ago cannot normally exit game after loading incompatible savegame resolved matthiaskrgr salimiles
416 95 months ago update for matthias' css resolved matthiaskrgr  
492 95 months ago Crash: Found no closest waypoint on level 42. resolved Henker hail
463 96 months ago ALERT! Ran out of space in the dynamic wav sample cache! resolved gorgonz joseph
459 96 months ago rush tux broken resolved matthiaskrgr Mach3
244 97 months ago crash when moving items in inventory around resolved tracker_migration  
400 98 months ago Mails must be sent for every *change* done to tracker items, not just creation resolved ahuillet  
948 1 month ago Show durability values on the degradation icons open LotBlind  
943 1 month ago Some NPCs are too easy to miss open LotBlind  
936 1 month ago Targeting enemies is difficult open LotBlind  
935 1 month ago The map can't possibly be locked behind that one guy... open LotBlind  
930 1 month ago Movement is clunky open LotBlind  
931 1 month ago Hacking isn't quite there... open LotBlind  
854 3 months ago Mac crash on launch resolved suiter fluzz
902 3 months ago Unreliable Savegame resolved jesusalva  
923 4 months ago Game crashes when attempting to teleport at dead NPC resolved temporary fluzz
917 4 months ago crash while running next to the shoreline resolved flaviojs fluzz
720 12 months ago Incompatible savegames (savestruct change) should be greyed out resolved tomreyn  
696 16 months ago -b text doesn't show text resolved matthiaskrgr  
824 16 months ago MO-HFGateAccessServer dialog won't proceed3 due to lua error postponed ferrisBueller  
911 17 months ago Kill Faction contains Respawn Bug open jesusalva fluzz
909 17 months ago ThouHastWon missing render flag causes message not displayed resolved jesusalva  
901 20 months ago Teleport Anchor not being initialized resolved jesusalva fluzz
890 20 months ago Unreliable cmp_obstacle_state open jesusalva  
903 20 months ago Overpowered Blasts (aka. Do Not Use Bullet Damage as DPS) open jesusalva  
906 20 months ago Unable to contact resolved Appoox  
839 22 months ago too-small resolution shown in menu resolved matthiaskrgr  
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