List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
918 8 months ago tracker: unable to remove private query open flaviojs  
772 10 months ago Bugs in "items.c" (durability and repair skill, also game balance issue) open Christoph  
894 14 months ago After get several lessons from Engel one right after another only one training point is obtained open L29Ah  
897 16 months ago FDDNM: Sigsegv on at least three dialogs open jesusalva digifuzzy
577 20 months ago item addon: paralyzation applied on victim before/even without hitting open matthiaskrgr  
893 20 months ago Loading a game produce a segfault in filter_0_16_1_add_game_config open L29Ah  
892 22 months ago Takeover game screen was bugged. open jesusalva  
586 22 months ago shop: limit items we sell to npc open matthiaskrgr  
879 23 months ago buffer overflow when droid placed in obstacle (colrect) open matthiaskrgr  
878 23 months ago memleak when level size is decreased (due to deleted waypoints?) open matthiaskrgr  
877 23 months ago buffer overflow when setting max distance to home to large value in editor open matthiaskrgr  
816 23 months ago editor: memleak cut and pasting items open matthiaskrgr  
860 27 months ago engine uses wrong sample rate open shentino  
859 29 months ago UB when creating 100 levels open matthiaskrgr  
769 29 months ago Random bot names wrong in german language open Christoph  
830 39 months ago lua.c build failure on OpenBSD rejected anjbe  
823 39 months ago Respawn error using cheat mode rejected digifuzzy  
826 43 months ago Corrupted bot part graphics open shentino  
811 44 months ago enemies not killed via weapons (for example lua calls) never spray blood open matthiaskrgr fluzz
808 44 months ago Entry to Koan's bunker open BTA  
802 46 months ago UBSan warning when reloading ammo open matthiaskrgr  
735 49 months ago autogen source produces deprecated message postponed digifuzzy  
700 49 months ago make_atlas does handle palette image faulty open matthiaskrgr  
573 51 months ago Tux walks through human open vinayakgarg  
726 51 months ago inventory: item tooltip: item name in grey as soon as large axe has socket open matthiaskrgr  
771 51 months ago SIGSEGV: Resolving map label "59_trap_365" failed on the entire world! open Christoph  
599 52 months ago display_big_message "Level gained" not disappering while char screen opened open matthiaskrgr  
603 53 months ago GAME SETTINGS: all NPC and bots appear damaged when difficulty settings are changed open lunruj Xenux
646 54 months ago print label name if label code fails open matthiaskrgr  
682 55 months ago don't be able drop gun while reloading open matthiaskrgr  
746 55 months ago opengl warning when starting open matthiaskrgr hakzsam
733 57 months ago corrupted waypoint connection open matthiaskrgr  
705 58 months ago reload sound not played pressing 'r' (only for automatic-reload) open matthiaskrgr  
731 58 months ago standing animation not played fully? open matthiaskrgr  
722 60 months ago takeover game executed after command rejected digifuzzy  
714 62 months ago droid_archetypes.DAT is not editable rejected rhinozeros921  
713 62 months ago build fails with clang rejected matthiaskrgr  
708 63 months ago Crash During Tutorial open tdclemens  
208 63 months ago GRAPHICS: yellow big walls cast no shadow on the ground open tracker_migration  
697 64 months ago -b doesn't show error message if no further argument given open matthiaskrgr  
688 65 months ago editor: menu "background" zoomed wrongly setting random droids for level open matthiaskrgr  
652 65 months ago kill_tux() makes characters move 3x faster after tux has died rejected matthiaskrgr  
680 65 months ago editor : crashed (once) on playtesting open matthiaskrgr  
676 66 months ago Sometimes doors do not open and bots go or attack through closed doors open bob  
675 66 months ago freedroid window blackens parts bigger than screen if window size bigger than native screen res open matthiaskrgr  
656 69 months ago Opening a can of bots; "bot remaining on level" bug open BlackVise  
661 71 months ago memleaks / valgrind open matthiaskrgr  
654 71 months ago unequip() function open matthiaskrgr  
649 72 months ago Tania's Escape: Lua code issue rejected tomreyn  
650 72 months ago SADD: Lua code issue rejected tomreyn  
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