List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
765 5 days ago Alt key not working properly open jesusalva  
810 5 days ago -O0 breaks game with gcc 5 resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
815 1 week ago WP path pointing towards noexisting WP; game hangs at map load open matthiaskrgr  
784 2 weeks ago terminals of different colors and shapes resolved matthiaskrgr infrared
560 1 month ago Update Screenshots on Sourceforge Page to 0.15 open salimiles ahuillet
803 1 month ago infinite ammo for melee clip-weapons open matthiaskrgr  
606 1 month ago Restricted window frame for cursor in-game rejected MetropolitanVickers fdadmin
796 1 month ago editor: ASAN : heap-buffer-overflow ; plant obstacle, select, undo resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
602 1 month ago bot corpses handles as obstacles / crash: add_obstacle - Ran out of obstacle when killing bots positions resolved lunruj fluzz
800 1 month ago game breaking if level in between is missing/removed; user'd've to fix manually resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
792 1 month ago dialog: tania: problems when spencer is dead but tania should see him. open matthiaskrgr Xenux
583 1 month ago tania dialog bug resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
757 1 month ago arena does not work if bots are hacked open matthiaskrgr Xenux
793 2 months ago resolution menu is broken rejected matthiaskrgr  
780 2 months ago valgrind: memory leaks resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
789 2 months ago 614 has no death/corpse frame resolved matthiaskrgr  
756 2 months ago Dialog issue when completing Tania's quest. resolved mhwombat Xenux
788 3 months ago game crash, set level random droids to 0 resolved matthiaskrgr greg
781 4 months ago can't build with -j > 1 ; translations fail resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
767 4 months ago Program/spell "use weapon" not working any more resolved Christoph fluzz
779 4 months ago valgrind: uninitialized values on main menu open rejected matthiaskrgr fluzz
673 5 months ago graphic problem red rectangle on Intel 945GME rejected bob  
768 7 months ago Key functionality affects play rejected digifuzzy  
704 8 months ago in-world mouse-position not updated closing dialog window resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
690 8 months ago ASAN crash while reloading savegame. resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
749 8 months ago received SIGSEGV! rejected mhwombat  
758 9 months ago editor: sensor information not saved resolved matthiaskrgr jesusalva
570 9 months ago Reproducable SIGFPE resolved tokei fluzz
701 9 months ago asan crash while saving game resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
695 9 months ago ASAN crash in -b loadship, dialog and mapgen resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
703 9 months ago can't gettext-ize sign messages. resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
760 9 months ago Add obstacle extension validation to level validator resolved fluzz fluzz
683 9 months ago enemies move faster if tux dies and game is reloaded afterwards and tux dies again resolved matthiaskrgr  
814 5 days ago editor: heap use after free cutting map label resolved matthiaskrgr greg
727 1 month ago asan crash: editor: add, move obstacle, press z (undo) twice resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
798 1 month ago editor: asan: removing level and undoing actions on it resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
805 1 month ago obstacle trigger not triggered if bound obstacle is destroyed via ranged weapon. open matthiaskrgr  
797 2 months ago pathfinding crash when reducing size of town to 30x30 open matthiaskrgr  
791 3 months ago f-keys not working? open matthiaskrgr  
762 4 months ago warn when saving obstacles with negative x/y index resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
640 4 months ago play_sound_cached() distorts sounds? resolved matthiaskrgr  
766 6 months ago Savegames become broken during the quest of Ewald's 296 open Christoph  
763 8 months ago ASAN: heap-use-after-free when item breaks down while fighting. resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
712 18 months ago NO_TEXT not present in lua dialogs resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
685 20 months ago sanitize address crash in tutorial resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
647 21 months ago game freezes after stepping over map label resolved matthiaskrgr  
441 21 months ago title: title: item upgrade ui: tux inventory is not displayed - resolved joseph catalinb
674 21 months ago some spells don't cause heat on tux. resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
648 27 months ago game crashed hovering tania? resolved matthiaskrgr  
638 28 months ago obstacle labels changed obstacles as obstacles were removed from map resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
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