List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
758 1 week ago editor: sensor information not saved open matthiaskrgr jesusalva
602 1 week ago bot corpses handles as obstacles / crash: add_obstacle - Ran out of obstacle when killing bots positions open lunruj  
606 1 week ago Restricted window frame for cursor in-game open MetropolitanVickers fdadmin
673 1 week ago graphic problem red rectangle on Intel 945GME open bob  
583 1 week ago tania dialog bug open matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
756 1 week ago Dialog issue when completing Tania's quest. open mhwombat Xenux
683 1 week ago enemies move faster if tux dies and game is reloaded afterwards and tux dies again resolved matthiaskrgr  
570 1 week ago Reproducable SIGFPE open tokei fluzz
757 1 week ago arena does not work if bots are hacked open matthiaskrgr Xenux
749 2 weeks ago received SIGSEGV! open mhwombat  
703 2 weeks ago can't gettext-ize sign messages. open matthiaskrgr fluzz
704 2 weeks ago in-world mouse-position not updated closing dialog window open matthiaskrgr  
727 2 weeks ago asan crash: editor: add, move obstacle, press z (undo) twice open matthiaskrgr  
640 7 months ago play_sound_cached() distorts sounds? open matthiaskrgr  
712 8 months ago NO_TEXT not present in lua dialogs resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
685 10 months ago sanitize address crash in tutorial resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
647 11 months ago game freezes after stepping over map label resolved matthiaskrgr  
441 11 months ago title: title: item upgrade ui: tux inventory is not displayed - resolved joseph catalinb
674 12 months ago some spells don't cause heat on tux. resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
648 18 months ago game crashed hovering tania? resolved matthiaskrgr  
638 18 months ago obstacle labels changed obstacles as obstacles were removed from map resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
625 18 months ago does not build with lua 5.2.1 resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
404 20 months ago Improve issue-updated mails resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
454 27 months ago SIGSEGV in access tunnel for shield control resolved nabla fluzz
597 27 months ago Consistent Crashing Bug at Disruptor Base resolved jesuslovesyou101  
594 27 months ago items in unaccessible places rejected matthiaskrgr  
580 28 months ago Crash when Ewald's 296 bot teleports back to town resolved alexandros ahuillet
590 28 months ago hurt_tux via map labels crashes game resolved matthiaskrgr joseph
534 33 months ago dialog options not spread over entire option box sometimes. resolved matthiaskrgr joseph
516 33 months ago cannot normally exit game after loading incompatible savegame resolved matthiaskrgr salimiles
416 34 months ago update for matthias' css resolved matthiaskrgr  
492 34 months ago Crash: Found no closest waypoint on level 42. resolved Henker hail
463 35 months ago ALERT! Ran out of space in the dynamic wav sample cache! resolved gorgonz joseph
459 35 months ago rush tux broken resolved matthiaskrgr Mach3
244 37 months ago crash when moving items in inventory around resolved tracker_migration  
400 37 months ago Mails must be sent for every *change* done to tracker items, not just creation resolved ahuillet  
687 4 days ago ASAN: sanitize address crash if bot placed within wall and without near waypoint. open matthiaskrgr  
759 4 days ago ASAN heap-buffer-overflow when bot stuck in walls rejected matthiaskrgr  
716 1 week ago 1001 bugs resolved jesusalva matthiaskrgr
744 1 month ago Incompatible save game traps user. open digifuzzy  
709 1 month ago Bot drops on never-visited levels drop to (0,0) resolved infrared jesusalva
665 2 months ago sanitize-addresses: crash with tux pathfinding resolved matthiaskrgr  
585 3 months ago bullets fly into opposite aiming direction open matthiaskrgr  
732 4 months ago post death game time speeding up a lot resolved matthiaskrgr greg
734 4 months ago validator: check for corrupted waypoint connections open matthiaskrgr  
728 4 months ago editor: items selected by clicking on neighbor square resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
725 4 months ago editor: map zoom wrong on random enemy screen resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
707 5 months ago asan crash if GetItemIndexByName fails? resolved matthiaskrgr salimiles
671 5 months ago -b leveltest finds errors which the building check DOES NOT open matthiaskrgr  
720 6 months ago Incompatible savegames (savestruct change) should be greyed out open tomreyn  
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