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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
465 146 months ago planting enemy and just confirming default-values: crash on playtest. resolved matthiaskrgr joseph
446 146 months ago hud: steps in hud bar resolved matthiaskrgr ahuillet
456 147 months ago random dungeons need to be adepted to floor changes resolved matthiaskrgr joseph
449 147 months ago enemy color manipulation on spell effect broken resolved matthiaskrgr Mach3
448 147 months ago no text is displayed resolved gorgonz  
447 147 months ago if current level has 1 layer, nearby levels with multiple layers are shown wrong resolved matthiaskrgr joseph
431 147 months ago validator: check for label name duplications resolved matthiaskrgr Mach3
328 147 months ago object only highlighted if tile under it hovered, not itself resolved tracker_migration hail
219 147 months ago game crash getting Tania mission if SADD hacked resolved tracker_migration matthiaskrgr
233 147 months ago ingame images of barret rifle and exterminator not in isometric angle resolved tracker_migration joseph
428 148 months ago inventory: hovering weapon orb under inventory makes 'tooltip' appear resolved matthiaskrgr catalinb
414 148 months ago resolution menu only shows supported full-screen resolutions resolved matthiaskrgr hail
436 148 months ago Tracker CSS: editing a query does not work as expected resolved ahuillet matthiaskrgr
435 148 months ago Tracker CSS: "submit new entry" and "add comment" buttons aren't the same color resolved ahuillet matthiaskrgr
247 148 months ago level 28: bots not spawned on map labels but on non-rand WPs resolved tracker_migration matthiaskrgr
315 148 months ago GRAPHICS: a lot of item addons have no graphics resolved tracker_migration  
386 148 months ago Reimplement r4687 avoiding rendering errors resolved tracker_migration  
401 148 months ago hide resolved issues? resolved matthiaskrgr ahuillet
249 148 months ago -l crashes resolved tracker_migration hail
399 148 months ago ReviewBoard autolink regex is wrong resolved ahuillet  
395 148 months ago assign bugs to other people but self? resolved matthiaskrgr  
393 148 months ago Do not require unique e-mail resolved fdadmin  
735 9 months ago autogen source produces deprecated message resolved digifuzzy  
420 9 months ago tracker: get rid of <br><br> rejected matthiaskrgr  
422 9 months ago tracker: issues status as class for table row <tr> rejected matthiaskrgr  
618 9 months ago chat log: old dialog window flashes and is erased immediately after starting new chat session with a npc resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
619 9 months ago options list is not initialized on the first run of the chat dialog rejected matthiaskrgr fluzz
440 9 months ago tracker: css image looks strange rejected matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
708 9 months ago Crash During Tutorial rejected tdclemens  
892 9 months ago Takeover game screen was bugged. resolved jesusalva  
918 9 months ago tracker: unable to remove private query rejected flaviojs  
950 10 months ago [Usability] Ctrl = run; Q = quest; Ctrl + Q = quit open  
682 10 months ago don't be able drop gun while reloading resolved matthiaskrgr  
577 10 months ago item addon: paralyzation applied on victim before/even without hitting resolved matthiaskrgr  
894 10 months ago After get several lessons from Engel one right after another only one training point is obtained rejected L29Ah  
919 10 months ago I have a question!‏ resolved Linkeys  
705 10 months ago reload sound not played pressing 'r' (only for automatic-reload) resolved matthiaskrgr  
971 14 months ago FreedroidRPG 1.0RC2 encountered a problem in function: resume_lua_coroutine resolved omero  
921 46 months ago Can't return to firmware update server after propagation resolved shentino  
959 47 months ago System mouse setting should be respected in the fullscreen mode (or allow to remap mouse bindings) open bircoph  
945 51 months ago Sometimes get stuck attacking nothing open LotBlind  
922 58 months ago Stuck on sprint rejected shentino  
895 63 months ago A player's Tux was found outside the map. open Emanuele Sorce  
913 66 months ago An Explosive Situation - attempt to yield from outside a coroutine resolved flaviojs  
904 67 months ago Level Editor mixed yes/no on bot creation resolved jesusalva fluzz
772 67 months ago Bugs in "items.c" (durability and repair skill, also game balance issue) open Christoph  
898 67 months ago Quest bug (Act2) resolved jesusalva fluzz
900 67 months ago Appdata is ancient resolved Snark  
765 67 months ago Alt key not working properly resolved jesusalva fluzz
235 67 months ago lvledit: Shifted characters cannot be typed in map labels resolved tracker_migration fluzz
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