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0.16 rc bugs
974 28 months ago Draining bots does not work rejected cypherpunks  
850 98 months ago Freedroid Bet Bartender Issue rejected sydneyjd  
833 103 months ago Cryo Facility Dialog error rejected digifuzzy  
934 29 months ago Crash in load game rejected Jeferson  
958 52 months ago OpenGL + i915 + 1.0rc2 = SIGSEGV [workaround available] open bircoph fluzz
907 72 months ago [SIGSEGV] Crash when handling inventory rejected jesusalva  
749 75 months ago received SIGSEGV! rejected mhwombat  
560 104 months ago Update Screenshots on Sourceforge Page to 0.15 rejected salimiles ahuillet
606 107 months ago Restricted window frame for cursor in-game rejected MetropolitanVickers fdadmin
793 109 months ago resolution menu is broken rejected matthiaskrgr  
779 111 months ago valgrind: uninitialized values on main menu open rejected matthiaskrgr fluzz
673 112 months ago graphic problem red rectangle on Intel 945GME rejected bob  
768 113 months ago Key functionality affects play rejected digifuzzy  
828 96 months ago teleport - way back is broken rejected zdenek  
797 109 months ago pathfinding crash when reducing size of town to 30x30 open matthiaskrgr  
681 14 months ago sanitize address crash in tutorial. rejected matthiaskrgr fluzz
973 19 months ago Most of the GUI is designed for 4:3 screens and it is harder to read on 16:9 open NetSysFire  
977 25 months ago crash with memory corruption/double free open freem  
943 56 months ago Some NPCs are too easy to miss open LotBlind  
936 56 months ago Targeting enemies is difficult open LotBlind  
930 56 months ago Movement is clunky open LotBlind  
911 72 months ago Kill Faction contains Respawn Bug open jesusalva fluzz
890 75 months ago Unreliable cmp_obstacle_state open jesusalva  
903 75 months ago Overpowered Blasts (aka. Do Not Use Bullet Damage as DPS) open jesusalva  
866 89 months ago buffer overflow: redo/undo actions with chests filled with items open matthiaskrgr  
848 98 months ago Quest log messages are saved translated. open fluzz  
792 99 months ago dialog: tania: problems when spencer is dead but tania should see him. open matthiaskrgr Xenux
834 102 months ago Cryo Facility Gate rejected digifuzzy  
807 102 months ago Deprecation warning from Doxygen rejected digifuzzy  
813 106 months ago memory leaks while playing tutorial open matthiaskrgr  
610 107 months ago Getting both rewards from Duncan/Koan quest open Calangao Xenux
783 107 months ago tux footstep not played when tux starts walking open matthiaskrgr  
686 107 months ago editor: sanitize address crash copying/pasting objects and playing around with undo/redo functions rejected matthiaskrgr fluzz
684 109 months ago editor: sanitize address crash after saving map rejected matthiaskrgr  
687 116 months ago ASAN: sanitize address crash if bot placed within wall and without near waypoint. open matthiaskrgr  
759 116 months ago ASAN heap-buffer-overflow when bot stuck in walls rejected matthiaskrgr  
734 120 months ago validator: check for corrupted waypoint connections open matthiaskrgr  
671 121 months ago -b leveltest finds errors which the building check DOES NOT open matthiaskrgr  
693 125 months ago asan crash returning to main menu from editor playtest after tux died(?) open matthiaskrgr  
633 126 months ago fix z-ordering for big obstacles open matthiaskrgr  
694 126 months ago ASAN crash while -b loadship rejected matthiaskrgr  
679 127 months ago editor: delete seleted obstacle pressing DELETE key rejected matthiaskrgr  
669 131 months ago bots to choose different waypoint as target if current target is blocked open matthiaskrgr  
658 132 months ago dialog: race condition / code not executed in written-down order? open matthiaskrgr  
636 134 months ago editor: stop scrolling over map if fdrpg window looses focus open matthiaskrgr  
591 137 months ago change_obstacle_type() has to unglue/glue new obstacle, not only change its type open matthiaskrgr  
565 143 months ago dialog validator to check every dialog independently open matthiaskrgr  
252 149 months ago Smarter principle of UI imageplacement open tracker_migration hail
542 149 months ago LUA: have_item() should be logical, not numeric rejected matthiaskrgr  
420 14 months ago tracker: get rid of <br><br> rejected matthiaskrgr  
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