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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
711 116 months ago 1x1 items only auto-sorted into quick-access list until slot 7 resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
633 117 months ago fix z-ordering for big obstacles open matthiaskrgr  
694 117 months ago ASAN crash while -b loadship rejected matthiaskrgr  
689 118 months ago ui: uprade item: if no money, print costs in red not in blue resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
691 118 months ago asan crash clicking on empty weapon orb resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
659 118 months ago equip_item() must not crash game if item type cannot be equipped. resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
504 118 months ago lvledit: Allow "Delete" key to actually delete items/obstacles/etc resolved salimiles Xenux
678 118 months ago equip_item("Standard Shield") fails if sledge hammer equipped. resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
679 118 months ago editor: delete seleted obstacle pressing DELETE key rejected matthiaskrgr  
664 118 months ago sanitize-addresses: crash talking to same dialog twice: resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
666 119 months ago sanitize-addresses: crash calling craft_addons() and upgrade_items() from map label resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
669 122 months ago bots to choose different waypoint as target if current target is blocked open matthiaskrgr  
667 123 months ago Game crashes if SADD hacked before turning on guns resolved CCC  
658 124 months ago dialog: race condition / code not executed in written-down order? open matthiaskrgr  
644 125 months ago crashed talking to sadd resolved matthiaskrgr  
582 125 months ago Cannot move resolved crashboy  
581 125 months ago Cannot open gates resolved crashboy  
593 125 months ago signmessages shifted while obstacles got removed from map/game resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
642 125 months ago crashed changing to nonexistent obstacle ID. resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
636 125 months ago editor: stop scrolling over map if fdrpg window looses focus open matthiaskrgr  
623 127 months ago [Review Board] Incorrectly Dealing with Time Zones resolved salimiles  
622 128 months ago Engel set_bot_name(_"Geist -- Hunter", "Geist") not working resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
591 128 months ago change_obstacle_type() has to unglue/glue new obstacle, not only change its type open matthiaskrgr  
565 134 months ago dialog validator to check every dialog independently open matthiaskrgr  
589 135 months ago crash killing singularity resolved matthiaskrgr ahuillet
571 136 months ago Incorrect screenshot capture resolved vinayakgarg joseph
554 139 months ago Dixon Dialog shows options 43 and 45 simultaneously resolved hollunder Henker
555 140 months ago Stone Dialog shows options 4 and 8 every time the dialog starts resolved hollunder matthiaskrgr
545 140 months ago Game defaults to EASY mode resolved ahuillet joseph
429 140 months ago buildbot: re-implement providing of win binary files resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
544 140 months ago Release-candidate "please report bugs" message is cut off at <= 800x600 resolved ahuillet  
344 140 months ago ANIMATION: Bullets should start near gun muzzle resolved tracker_migration fluzz
252 140 months ago Smarter principle of UI imageplacement open tracker_migration hail
542 140 months ago LUA: have_item() should be logical, not numeric rejected matthiaskrgr  
541 140 months ago Running through walls resolved Henker fluzz
540 140 months ago name maps resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
520 140 months ago lvledit: save maps to ~/.freedroid_rpg/maps if no writing rights to /usr/share/freedroidRPG/maps/levels.dat resolved matthiaskrgr ahuillet
513 140 months ago enemies hovered through questlog resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
502 140 months ago display big message when game is won resolved matthiaskrgr salimiles
403 141 months ago problems while importing Tickets resolved matthiaskrgr  
218 141 months ago ANIMATION: three items have no rotation animations resolved tracker_migration  
464 141 months ago tux walks to item label to pick up item, not to item itself resolved matthiaskrgr hail
519 141 months ago Right-click in inventory, do the item use and the selected program resolved Xenux catalinb
462 141 months ago bkp savegame files not deleted resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
514 141 months ago balance range weapons? resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
256 141 months ago Game must behave properly when trying to load settings from a previous version resolved tracker_migration fluzz
485 141 months ago Quest: Doing Duncan a Favor -- dialog loop resolved Robr3rd matthiaskrgr
248 141 months ago Note Browser: Variables are initilized funny resolved tracker_migration  
495 141 months ago WEBSITE: Broken link to ReviewBoard resolved Robr3rd  
419 141 months ago tracker: "Your issues" semantics resolved matthiaskrgr  
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