List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
937 8 months ago Enable toggling the quest window open LotBlind  
932 8 months ago Repairing items is too harsh open LotBlind  
933 9 months ago Quest rewards are too small? open LotBlind  
924 15 months ago It is not possible to return to HF after teleporting to Town postponed temporary  
743 20 months ago lua 5.2 issue rejected luigide  
916 23 months ago find_free_floor_index: The item array was full after firware update open flaviojs  
914 23 months ago pathfinding and movement open flaviojs fluzz
915 23 months ago set_new_random_waypoint found a waypoint without connection open flaviojs  
670 23 months ago Explosive LuaCode open WeatherGod  
912 23 months ago Possibility of Invisibility/Emergency Shutdown chain for infinite time stacking open julie.chan  
908 23 months ago Hacking is not a viable gameplay method open jesusalva  
655 26 months ago code: remove lua enable_trigger() and disable_trigger() open matthiaskrgr  
910 27 months ago Quest Log and Level Editor open jesusalva  
223 27 months ago MENU/CHAT: Visual artifacts in menu and in chat rejected tracker_migration  
896 32 months ago [Freedroid classic] Minor mistakes rejected stew  
891 36 months ago Obstacle label with ";" may provoke crash open jesusalva  
790 36 months ago can't ctrl+c terminate game while title screen is shown. open matthiaskrgr  
884 37 months ago Fixing bugs rejected johnsims12  
820 37 months ago editor: memleak entering invalid song for map open matthiaskrgr  
405 38 months ago tracker: add "captcha" field to user registration rejected ahuillet  
434 44 months ago tracker: "Show not Resolved" → "Show remaining" ? open matthiaskrgr  
855 48 months ago Missing flag in usage_string open suiter suiter
849 50 months ago Localization of the AppData stream file. open fluzz  
847 51 months ago Bunk beds in city next to bounty hunters have a clipping problem open ahuillet fluzz
724 54 months ago Missing details of "bot draining" freature - explain to player this feature rejected digifuzzy  
740 54 months ago libpng warning during play rejected digifuzzy  
827 57 months ago Map Editor - Erasing units open Linkeys Linkeys
736 58 months ago Files under git control modified by build process rejected digifuzzy  
822 58 months ago heap use after free: enemy planted in wall open matthiaskrgr  
821 58 months ago memleak deleting/copying/pasting chest with items open matthiaskrgr  
817 58 months ago editor: memleaks planting/overwriting waypoints open matthiaskrgr  
812 59 months ago switching guns while reloading can lead to new gun being "fake"-reloaded open matthiaskrgr  
804 60 months ago Invalid obstacle (iso_oil_7.png) position on level 17: t318 x91.27 y39.92 open tomreyn  
794 61 months ago In game translation issues open zdenek  
795 61 months ago Text alignment / wrap in Skill window open zdenek  
770 64 months ago 614 in town stuck open Christoph  
753 64 months ago Kevin is difficult to "catch" open mhwombat  
776 64 months ago Unreferenced Dialog Node - Chandra rejected digifuzzy  
594 65 months ago items in unaccessible places rejected matthiaskrgr  
754 69 months ago bullet animation is looped open matthiaskrgr  
748 70 months ago Focus not working correctly in dialogs open mhwombat  
543 70 months ago Bullet's target teleported open fluzz fluzz
634 70 months ago slow down tux/enemy via lua open matthiaskrgr  
745 70 months ago Unused files open alerion matthiaskrgr
718 75 months ago Web site git repo address incorrect rejected digifuzzy  
318 75 months ago LEVELS: strange light on level 29 rejected tracker_migration  
668 77 months ago teleport_npc() in dialog of terminal crashes game. open matthiaskrgr  
241 78 months ago 883 images are cut off open tracker_migration  
605 78 months ago Leaving Map Editor exits application open gorgonz  
657 86 months ago dialog aborted/resumed to teleport open matthiaskrgr  
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