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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
0.16 rc bugs
850 56 months ago Freedroid Bet Bartender Issue rejected sydneyjd  
845 59 months ago The only item Cerebrum drops is iron pipe resolved Apten  
838 59 months ago Leading whitespaces in translation resolved Xenux fluzz
842 59 months ago Freedroid freezing after a bet resolved sydneyjd greg
844 59 months ago Aftertakeover: fails with translations enabled resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
837 60 months ago Loading: Cannot load saved characters - program closes resolved Ty-Guy6 fluzz
833 61 months ago Cryo Facility Dialog error rejected digifuzzy  
832 61 months ago Lua 5.3 compatibility needed resolved fluzz fluzz
831 61 months ago Game uses English locale (not system default) if settings file unreadable resolved tomreyn  
964 7 months ago Wrong NPC animation resolved fluzz fluzz
962 7 months ago Allow more than gawk in configure script resolved Snark  
958 10 months ago OpenGL + i915 + 1.0rc2 = SIGSEGV [workaround available] open bircoph fluzz
955 13 months ago Deleting input doesn't work (Backspace/navigate+delete) open fluzz fluzz
954 13 months ago German Umlauts displayed incorrectly open fluzz fluzz
934 15 months ago Crash in load game open Jeferson  
907 30 months ago [SIGSEGV] Crash when handling inventory rejected jesusalva  
749 33 months ago received SIGSEGV! rejected mhwombat  
887 41 months ago Traps at HFF should not trigger infinitely resolved jesusalva  
889 41 months ago Problems on load/delete savegame lists resolved jesusalva  
865 47 months ago The Red Square Case resolved jesusalva ahuillet
864 48 months ago Title screens broken - they start at the end, not beginning of text resolved ahuillet fluzz
815 58 months ago WP path pointing towards noexisting WP; game hangs at map load resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
803 58 months ago infinite ammo for melee clip-weapons resolved matthiaskrgr  
560 62 months ago Update Screenshots on Sourceforge Page to 0.15 rejected salimiles ahuillet
757 64 months ago arena does not work if bots are hacked resolved matthiaskrgr Xenux
810 64 months ago -O0 breaks game with gcc 5 resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
784 65 months ago terminals of different colors and shapes resolved matthiaskrgr infrared
606 65 months ago Restricted window frame for cursor in-game rejected MetropolitanVickers fdadmin
796 65 months ago editor: ASAN : heap-buffer-overflow ; plant obstacle, select, undo resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
602 66 months ago bot corpses handles as obstacles / crash: add_obstacle - Ran out of obstacle when killing bots positions resolved lunruj fluzz
800 66 months ago game breaking if level in between is missing/removed; user'd've to fix manually resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
583 66 months ago tania dialog bug resolved matthiaskrgr matthiaskrgr
793 67 months ago resolution menu is broken rejected matthiaskrgr  
780 67 months ago valgrind: memory leaks resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
789 67 months ago 614 has no death/corpse frame resolved matthiaskrgr  
756 67 months ago Dialog issue when completing Tania's quest. resolved mhwombat Xenux
788 68 months ago game crash, set level random droids to 0 resolved matthiaskrgr greg
781 69 months ago can't build with -j > 1 ; translations fail resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
767 69 months ago Program/spell "use weapon" not working any more resolved Christoph fluzz
779 69 months ago valgrind: uninitialized values on main menu open rejected matthiaskrgr fluzz
673 70 months ago graphic problem red rectangle on Intel 945GME rejected bob  
768 71 months ago Key functionality affects play rejected digifuzzy  
704 73 months ago in-world mouse-position not updated closing dialog window resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
690 73 months ago ASAN crash while reloading savegame. resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
758 73 months ago editor: sensor information not saved resolved matthiaskrgr jesusalva
570 73 months ago Reproducable SIGFPE resolved tokei fluzz
701 73 months ago asan crash while saving game resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
695 73 months ago ASAN crash in -b loadship, dialog and mapgen resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
703 73 months ago can't gettext-ize sign messages. resolved matthiaskrgr fluzz
760 73 months ago Add obstacle extension validation to level validator resolved fluzz fluzz
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